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Maine Sex Crime Litigation Lawyers

Maine Sex Crime Litigation Lawyers

Maine Sex Crime Litigation Lawyers

If you are facing sex-crime charges in Maine, hiring experienced legal help as soon as possible is critical to the outcome of your case. While our legal system may claim that you are considered innocent until proven guilty, the reality often feels very different when you are charged with a sex crime. Merely being accused of a sex crime can negatively impact your professional and personal life, especially when these accusations are made in family law cases. It is critical to have a dedicated legal advocate in your corner, fighting for you from the start.

Experience Matters When Defending Against Sex Crimes

At STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers, we never shy away from a difficult case, especially when your future is on the line. Steve Smith took an interest in sex crime defense early in his career and has since become one of the most respected attorneys in this field, successfully defending hundreds of Maine residents from these charges. Steve has served as a lecturer on sex crimes at conferences and training sessions for other attorneys.

The consequences of a sex crime conviction are far too high for you to simply accept a plea deal and trust the system to work for you. You need an attorney willing to fight passionately to have your charges dropped. Our experienced sex crime litigators know that the charges against you are only one part of a larger story and that false accusations are common. We provide fierce and nonjudgmental support for whatever case you are facing.

We Handle All Types Of Sex Crime Charges

Below are some of the offenses that we have successfully handled for past clients. However, this list is not comprehensive. If you are facing charges for any sexual crime, contact our attorneys to schedule a personalized consultation and get feedback based on your specific case.

Penalties For Sex Crimes

Sex crimes can be charged as anything from a Class A felony to a Class E misdemeanor. The penalties for these crimes range from six months to 30 years in prison and can also incur fines of up to $50,000. Some categories carry penalties including lifetime supervision, a minimum of 20 years, or prison, as well as serious implications for your personal, professional, and family life.

One of the harshest penalties associated with sex crimes is placement on the sex offender registry. Many offenses require placement on the registry for a period of 10 years, which can affect everything from your job options to where you are allowed to live. This is one of the many reasons why the STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers fight aggressively to get your charges dropped or reduced. Our reputation as being willing to “go to the mat” allows us to bargain from a position of strength.

Contact STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers Today

When charged with a sex crime in Maine, the first thing that you should do is contact the experienced sex crime defense attorneys at STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers. We will vigorously fight to defend your future and will provide the best possible defense strategy to secure a not-guilty verdict in your case. Contact STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers today to schedule a consultation.

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