Maine Business and Commercial Law Attorneys 

Maine Business and Commercial Law Attorneys 

If you have a business in Maine, our lawyers can help you operate it to its maximum potential. When you are running a business, countless legal issues arise, from purchase agreements and tax implications to shareholder formation and employee or vendor disputes. The more you grow your business, the more legal issues are likely to arise. However, most businesses do not have the financial resources available to bring an attorney on staff full-time. For this reason, external counsel can be a great solution. 

What is External Counsel?

External counsel is legal counsel, or business and corporate attorneys, who are employed by a firm outside of your organization, but who are on-call to help you whenever legal issues arise. Having external counsel allows you to work consistently with the same attorneys so that they can become familiar with your business and how best to support and protect it legally, while allowing you to only pay for legal help when you need it. Retaining external counsel early on in the formation of your business will allow your attorneys to help you structure your business around sound business principles, and ensure that the way you operate is in compliance with state and federal laws.

For instance, your attorneys can help you select a business entity and name, determine the need for trademark protection, lease or purchase property or assets, create hiring and non-compete agreements, as well as vendor and contractor agreements and non-disclosure agreements to protect trade secrets and company intel. Your lawyer can help you defend your brand against infringement, handle any lawsuits brought by consumers, contractors, or third-parties, and prepare for and settle employee disputes. If you have a business that involves the sale of products, especially across state lines, having legal counsel becomes even more important, since producing and transporting goods brings a number of legal compliance issues into play. 

Things That We Can Help You With:

Businesses can have a number of legal issues arise, regardless of whether they are just starting out or have been operating for years. Here are some of the things that our lawyers can do for you:

  • Defend against product liability and personal injury lawsuits 
  • Acquire real estate and other assets 
  • Manage taxes for businesses and corporations 
  • Limit personal liability in creating a business 
  • Entity formation 
  • Choosing a business name and brand identity 
  • Protecting your brand 
  • State and federal law compliance 
  • Employee and vendor disputes 
  • Settling or litigating any matters 
  • Creating a human resources policy that complies with federal and state law 
  • Labor laws 
  • Labor disputes 

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If you have a business in Maine, or are planning to, it is never too soon to get legal assistance. The experienced business and corporate attorneys at STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers are ready to help build and expand your business with a strong legal strategy and dedicated support. Contact STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you.

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