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Maine Real Estate & Property Lawyers

Maine Real Estate & Property Lawyers

Maine Real Estate & Property Lawyers

When buying, selling, or transferring property in Maine, a real estate lawyer will help protect your interests during the transaction. The attorneys at STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers have earned a reputation with their clients as skillful and knowledgeable negotiators and litigators. They have represented numerous clients over the past three decades with professional and responsive representation. The firm will provide you with honest and competent advice for all your residential, commercial, and investment needs.

An Experienced Developer With The Legal Expertise You Need

Steve Smith is more than a successful attorney, he’s also the owner and developer of several real estate projects in Bangor and Central Maine. He has rehabilitated three historic buildings and developed two successful restaurants, giving new life to a once-blighted area. Steve understands the risks and rewards of small business first-hand and will make your success his personal mission.

As the owner of a family-run diversified farm, Steve is also well-versed in complex residential property transactions. He is highly experienced in Maine’s environmental requirements for property contracts and will help protect your interests at every step of the transaction.

How Can A Lawyer Help With Buying Property

There are many reasons why a lawyer’s guidance is critical when buying a home or property in Maine. A lawyer can help with everything from vetting a buyer to creating and drafting purchase agreements, running title checks, assisting in negotiations, helping to obtain the mortgage, being present at the closing, and ensuring that the deed is transferred effectively.

While a lawyer is not strictly required by law for property closings in Maine, it is necessary if you want to be well-represented in the deal. The state acknowledged this by creating a law ensuring that buyers can select their own attorney for closing. Your attorney will advise and guide you in ways that no bank or title company ever could and will provide an honest assessment of risks.

Without a lawyer, bottlenecks can occur at any step throughout the purchase process. Having a lawyer ensures that the purchase or sale will move along efficiently. Costly errors will be avoided by an experienced real estate attorney, saving you time and money. Individuals from out-of-state will benefit even more by having knowledgeable local counsel, and in fact, it may be the only way to complete such a deal. This added layer of protection can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a sound, long-term investment.

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For most people, their home is the largest investment they will ever make. Even experienced developers and commercial property owners can lose millions in a bad real estate transaction. If you are preparing to buy, sell, transfer, or gift property in Maine, make sure that you have the information and protection that you need. Our firm will help safeguard your interests and ensure that you leave fully content with the outcome of your case or transaction. Contact the experienced Maine real estate and property attorneys at STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers to get help, guidance, and support. Schedule a consultation with our team today.

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