Maine Sex Crime Litigation Attorney 

Maine Sex Crime Litigation Attorney 

Sex crimes carry serious consequences in Maine. If convicted, you could be looking at up to 30 years in jail and $50,000 in fines in addition to other penalties. However, just because you have been charged does not mean that you will be convicted. The time after you have been charged is the most critical time to be proactive and fight for your right to a fair trial. Having a dedicated sex crimes defense attorney can make all the difference when it comes to overcoming the charges against you, especially for crimes that are as heavily stigmatized as sex crimes. Without having an attorney to fight for you, it is easy to feel as though you have already been tried by the court of public opinion before even setting foot in a courtroom. The sooner that you retain legal counsel, the sooner they can start working to develop the best possible defense strategy

How Can a Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Help?

A sex crimes defense attorney in Maine will fight to make sure that you receive a fair trial and the best possible outcome in your case. The best defense strategy for you, will depend on the facts and circumstances of your specific case. In some cases, it may be possible to have the charges against you dropped. This may be true if your constitutional rights were violated by the police of prosecution. This is common in situations where police performed an illegal search or seizure, or where they lacked probable cause. This can also happen where significant procedural issues were made or where there were problems with the evidence, such as breaks in the chain of evidence or where evidence has been lost or mishandled. 

In other cases, your defense attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution that would allow you to plead guilty or no-contest to a less serious offense, or as a means of avoiding some of the harsher penalties. If your case proceeds to trial, our sex crime litigation attorneys will develop a defense strategy based on your specific case and will fight to ensure a not-guilty verdict. This is achieved by asserting a defense that creates doubt amongst the jurors. The standard of evidence in a sex crimes case is high. In fact, in order to be found guilty the prosecution must prove your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The more doubt that your lawyer can create, the higher your chances of being found not guilty. 

In order to determine what the best defense is for your case, it is necessary to talk one-on-one to an experienced attorney so that they can get an understanding of all the specific facts and circumstances involved and develop a customized defense strategy.  

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