Like many people in Maine, we were unaccustomed to defending ourselves from allegations of wrongdoing by others. Faced with the threat of civil action, we relied on Mr. Smith for advice. Our meeting with him provided comfort and direction. Whenever we had questions, he was rapidly responsive. Most importantly, his guidance led to an acceptable conclusion that avoided court or overly extended uncertainty. We highly recommend him for his assistance in civil disputes.

Client of Steve Smith

I am incredibly pleased I hired Steve Smith and Jack Baldacci to help with an unscrupulous builder. They went above and beyond to make sure A) the contractor finished the job they were paid to do and B) to prevent them from doing the same thing to anyone in the future. I highly recommend them.


I’ve hired Steve for two cases and I am very pleased with my decision. He fights for his clients and strives for the best outcome. His entire staff is pleasant and wonderful to work with.


I hired Steve for a parental rights case involving my 2 children. He was aggressive but supportive and did not file unnecessary motions that wasted my retainer. I was terrified of court but with his experience, I felt at ease. The process was explained and his staff was great as well. I would hire him again if needed and received a great outcome with an order that works for me and my children.

Handled my Parental Rights Case with Ease

I wish I had retained him sooner, his help has been immeasurable.


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Maine Business & Commercial Law Attorneys

Maine Business & Commercial Law Attorneys

Business litigation comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains true: business litigation requires an aggressive legal counselor to be successful. Standard commercial matters require skill, experience, and a commitment to serve the client’s interests effectively. When a business’ survival is on the line and the outcome of a dispute will determine its fate, sound, aggressive counsel and deep knowledge of the substantive law are a must, along with strategic thinking.

STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers are capable business litigators that operate in this full range and deliver results in the face of all business legal challenges.  Just as we have assisted with thousands of matters involving businesses of all sizes, including multinational corporations, we are highly effective business litigation attorneys.

A Business Attorney And Entrepreneur With First-Hand Experience

Steve Smith is a fierce litigator who will defend your business at every turn. Steve has extensive training as well as decades of experience in areas including business valuation methodology, investment account analysis, and financial statement analysis. Steve’s broad knowledge goes beyond the scope of traditional commercial lawyers or in-house counsel. Steve recently tried as lead counsel US v. Gordon, one of the most extensive criminal copyright cases in United States history.

Steve understands the dedication it takes to run a successful business. In addition to heading up a multi-disciplinary law firm, he has developed two successful restaurants in Bangor and rehabilitated three historic buildings. From real estate transactions to succession planning, he can handle all your legal needs.

Alternatives To In-House Counsel

While every business wishes that they could have an attorney on staff full-time, the costs of maintaining this high-level role are just not realistic for many companies. A better option for most businesses is to work with a business and commercial law attorney on an as-needed basis. This allows you to only pay for legal help when you need it, and not when you don’t.

How A Business And Corporate Attorney Can Help

Below are some of the most common matters that we assist Maine business owners with, though this list is not intended to be comprehensive. For assistance with a legal matter that is not listed below, contact us today to schedule a consultation so that we can provide personalized feedback on your case.

  • Selecting a legal structure for your business (LLC, Corporation, S-Corp, etc.)
  • Selecting or acquiring a name for your business
  • Registering your business with the IRS for an EIN
  • Employment Contracts
  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real Estate Management
  • Business Tax Law
  • Employee Disputes

Contact The Business And Corporate Attorneys At STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers

If you are interested in starting a business in Maine or if you currently have one, the experienced business and corporate attorneys at STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers can help you achieve your goals. Our attorneys can assist you with any business-related legal matters.  Regardless of what stage of business you are in, our lawyers can help. Contact STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers today to schedule a consultation.

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When legal issues disrupt your life, whether it’s a threat to your freedom, business, or parental rights, turn to our trusted Maine law firm for dedicated, aggressive representation.

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steve smith & jack baldacci

“I am incredibly pleased I hired Steve Smith and Jack Baldacci. They made sure the same thing that happened to us wouldn’t happen to someone else. I highly recommend them.”

– Scott

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