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Group Of Business Owners Join Together To Sue Governor Mills

Group Of Business Owners Join Together To Sue Governor Mills

By News Desk
Published: May. 8, 2020 at 12:59 PM CDT
A group of Maine businesses has joined together to sue Governor Mills saying that the shut down of the economy is unconstitutional.

The suit was filed in federal court Friday.

The group is challenging Mill’s executive orders that have taken jobs and businesses away from thousands of people.

We talked to Attorney Steve Smith on Friday. Smith says his clients want to be able to open in a safe way and make a living again.

Attorney, Steve Smith, said, “The idea that the Governor as she put it or one of her people put it is going to know how to manage and mitigate risk around business processes is ludicrous. The government should stick to what it knows best and let my clients with their businesses run their businesses. They do not need the governor’s help.”

The legal team representing the group released a statement saying that this type of emergency injunction is not only unprecedented but “ill-conceived, and inconsistent.”

Steve Smith added, “They don’t need the government micromanaging every little aspect of their lives. These people, my clients, absolutely care for the people around them no matter who they are they will not take unnecessary risks, but they don’t need the governor telling them what those risks are they are fully aware.”

Those individuals named in court documents as plaintiffs are:

Lee Ann DelCourt, Spillover Motel in Stratton

Raymond & Jo Boshold, Maine Woolens LLC in Portland

Lindsey Crosby, Harper Method Hair LLC in South Portland

David Jones, Ducktrap Lodge and Retreat in Lincolnville and FO Bailey Antiquarians

Arthur Langley, the owner of a Heritage tourism business that conducts history tours throughout the state. Langley is from Harrington.

James Fahey, a wedding disc jockey in Westbrook

Mike Mercer, a security consultant in Windham

Karl Ward, Nickerson and O’Day, Inc. Construction in Brewer

Dr. John Herzog, an orthopedic surgeon in Falmouth

Attorney Stephen C. Smith, stated, “The Governor’s regulations are arbitrary and capricious, and they favor big businesses over Maine’s lifeblood: its small businesses. We have filed in U.S. District Court Friday afternoon, challenging Gov. Mill’s excessive response to the virus.”


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